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Van Gogh & VAN GOGH is currently developing an Immersive Gallery project, a cultural mediation laboratory, combining the most innovative technologies with the sharing of culture with the greatest number of people. All in a responsible and reasonable spirit. More soon & to be continued…

Art, Books & Prints

High-end works of art, prints, books, brochures, historical documents and masterpieces. We buy, sell and act as intermediaries.

Non Fungible Tokens

World’s First NFTs dedicated to Vincent and Theo’s legacy, crafted and guaranteed by their own art gallery. Among the most valuable digital assets so far.

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Two decades of extensive academic experience and a great network allow us to provide our clients with the best historical advice on subjects related to Van Gogh.

Our Missions

To establish an immersive art gallery in the heart a European capital city,  with a particular emphasis on living artists.

To manage an open collection of works and documents related to Van Gogh’s legacy.

To digitally preserve and restore places and landmarks important for  Van Gogh’s memory.