Art, Books & Prints


In keeping with Vincent and Theo van Gogh’s philosophy, Van Gogh & Van Gogh is patiently acquiring a collection of 19th-century art and documentation related to Van Gogh’s universe, such as paintings and engravings by Dr Gachet, for example, or books read by Van Gogh or works by little-known painters he admired. In this, we act as intermediaries as well as sellers & buyers.

Our ultimate goal is to open our collection to the public not only as a place of business but also as a private museum.

Books & Prints

As publishers, we aim to fulfill Van Gogh’s wish of making high-end printed reproductions available to as broad an audience as possible. Our specialist knowledge of 19th-century technology is combined with the best available paper to achieve the highest possible standard, ensuring that Van Gogh’s art is depicted on a format worthy of it.


Our NFTs are crafted to the same high standard as our printed publications.

We believe in blockchain technology. As an invaluable, highly secure and traceable record, a blockchain can be used as a unique way to preserve art and knowledge for generations and centuries to come.